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August 13, 2012

Advances in Chronic Migraine Treatment

Chronic migraine (CM) and episodic migraine (EM) are part of the spectrum of migraine disorders, but they are distinct clinical entities. Episodic migraine (EM) is characterized by those with migraine who have 0 to 14 headache days per month, while chronic migraine (CM) is characterized by 15 or more headache days per month.
As with episodic migraine, pain in chronic migraine patients is thought to be mediated through release of CGRP from terminals of trigeminal nerve neurons including those that innervate the dura. Dr. David C. Yeomans, Ph.D., Director of Pain Research, Faculty of Anesthesia, Stanford University School of Medicine and his team have shown that nasal application of oxytocin concentrates this peptide throughout the trigeminal nerve. At the 7th Annual Pain Therapeutic Summit, Dr. Yeomans will present, Cytokine-driven Analgesic Efficacy of Nasal Oxytocin in the Treatment of Chronic Migraine. The talk will highlight the team's findings and review future applications for Nasal oxytocin.

Nasal oxytocin is highly analgesic in a number of rat models of craniofacial pain, but only after induction of an inflammatory injury. In chronic migraineurs, who are chronically inflamed and should be chronically receptor upregulation, nasal oxytocin was highly effective in reducing their pain.  In addition, efficacy was found to be greatly reduced in those chronic migraineurs that had also taken an NSAID drug, which blocks the production of inflammatory cytokines, thus decreasing oxytocin receptor upregulation.

The 7th Annual Pain Therapeutics Summit East is the East Coast complement to the 7th Annual Pain Therapeutics Summit held on the West Coast. Year over year growth of this event necessitated an expansion into a bi-coastal pain summit. These events, while similar in theme have different agendas and speakers. Both promise to further the fields of pain research by bringing together leaders from a variety of pain related fields. For more information please visit www.paintherapeuticsummiteast.com or www.paintherapeuticsummit.com.

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