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Identifying and Advancing Novel Pain Drugs Through Preclinical, Clinical Development and Commercialization

July 26, 2016

BioIntervene Inc. to Present Clinical Results of New Class of High-Selective Adenosine AReceptor Agonists at Upcoming Pain Summit

Currently, neuropathic pain conditions affect over 15 million Americans. To help better address these painful conditions, BioIntervene Inc. is developing a novel class of highly-selective adenosine A3 receptor subtype agonist drugs for therapeutic options.

 Clinical trials have also shown success in treating chemotherapy-induced pain, but also prevent the pain syndrome when co-administered with the chemotherapeutic agent. 

Since neuropathic pain disorders, which are often treated with opiate analgesics, are inherently resistant to opiates, there is a push in clinical trials to find more efficacious methods of treating chronic pain syndromes. BioIntervene’s A3AR has the ability to reverse neuropathic pain’s resistance to opiate analgesia, block the development of analgesic tolerance and OIH, and block the effect of opiates that can lead to addiction and misuse.

Gary Bennett, Chief Executive Officer of BioIntervene Inc., will be presenting clinical findings at Arrowhead’s 10th Annual Pain & Migraine Therapeutics Summit. With over 30 years’ experience in the pain therapeutics field, his research has focused primarily on the neurological mechanisms behind pain syndromes. For more information on the conference, visit: http://paintherapeuticsummit.com.

As the global population of people suffering from chronic pain disorders has increased to an estimated 10% of the adult population, new therapeutics such as BioIntervene’s A3AR will have the ability to transform chronic pain management.

The 10th Annual Pain & Migraine Therapeutics Summit is the US’s premier pain conference covering the field of pain research and therapeutics. With various stakeholders in pharmaceutical, biotech, device and medical communities attending, this conference will provide multi-faceted perspectives on the latest pain research. For more information, please download a brochure at: www.paintherapeuticsummit.com/brochure

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